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The Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden Elizabeth Downs SchoolThe Playford Rotary has, as one of its main projects, a three year partnership with the Elizabeth Downs School (EDS) R-7 and its Kitchen Garden Program.

Elizabeth Downs School was selected as the Demonstration School for South Australia in the national rollout of Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens in schools by the Australian Government.

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The broad aim of these projects is to educate children from a young age in the growing, cooking and eating of local produce. The current obesity crisis across all age groups has driven the need for such initiatives throughout Australia. The program requires that each week all students from Years 3 to 7 participate in a 45 min gardening session and a 90 min cooking (and eating) session.

In the first year of our partnership (2010) Playford Rotary provided a grant of $1,000 and many hours of volunteer work in the construction of the Garden and ongoing participation of a number of members in garden and kitchen classes. We are also providing a coordinating role for the many other community groups involved with the project.

Because EDS is the Demonstration School in SA, it has many visitors and enjoys a fair degree of media interest. Senior Australian of the Year and TV Cook Maggie Beer is State Ambassador for KGP. In May 2011 this garden  featured in the SA Open Garden Program.

There will be many future opportunities to highlight Rotary involvement.


Literacy at Elizabeth Grove School

Playford-Rotary-Elizabeth-Grove-School-Literacy In 2009, the Playford Rotary established a 3 year partnership with Elizabeth Grove School (EGS) R-7 focusing on literacy. This followed a number of discussions within the Club’s community projects committee, a presentation to all Club members by the Principal of the school and a commitment from the Board that over this time we would support initiatives to improve student outcomes.

Our first project was to provide a class set (36) of the Osborne Picture Dictionaries for use in the school. Next we have provided funds for the purchase of book awards, presented to students across all year levels who have made significant progress in literacy proficiency.
These awards are presented throughout the year at school assemblies and have proved a great success with students very enthusiastic about receiving this recognition for effort and achievement. Club members are invited to attend on these occasions and this has occurred several times.
In December 2010, the school hosted the Club for a breakfast and meeting to discuss our partnership. During that time, students, who had received awards, spoke about their work and progress. Principal Moya Wellman provided more information about the success of the awards in recognising and encouraging success amongst the students. She also spoke about other projects to assist students, particularly those with a disability, which the school was hoping to implement.

Playford-Rotary-Literacy-for-SchoolsThis year (2011) the Board has agreed to continue funding the awards program but is also supporting a range of new programs. For students with disabilities including intellectual, speech and language, hearing, communication and Autism Spectrum Disorders and others with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties, the purchase of an iPad and computer software to help with their phonetic awareness, reading, spelling and other areas of literacy and numeracy. Programs such as Fitzroy Talking Readers help students with short term memory problems by speaking the words the child has forgotten. They can then play the sentence back to check if they said it correctly.

Other programs include Reading Doctor and Reading Freedom which build on the sequence of letter-sound knowledge and decoding to build fluency in reading and comprehension.

We are also supporting the purchase of a program called “Multi Lit” for individual support for students more than 18 months behind in reading and spelling and the purchase of high interest, low level readers to engage older students who cannot read well.

Playford Rotary is proud to be able to work in partnership with a local school in this vital area and we look forward to seeing how our combined efforts make a difference to the lives of these children.

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