District Committees

Becoming involved at District Level is another way to increase your knowledge of Rotary.

HELPING OTHERS is often the result of your involvement.
The Disaster Recovery Committee is about helping people in other areas of the world when they most need it.
Chair  John Fischer                                  Email  fischerco@bigpond.com 

New Generations

This area of Rotary is about the youth of today.  how we can help them become better citizens and leaders in their age group.

RYLA  &  RYPEN       (Rotary Your Leadership Award  and  Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment )

RYLA is designed to assist 18 – 25 year old people to become better leaders within our community by refining their skills.
This is achieved during a 6 day camp with leaders in the community and by exploring their own abilities.

RYPEN is for 15 – 17 year old youths to gain an insight into their future direction.
They gain knowledge in problem solving and are given tools to help them take control of their future.
Community leaders are invited to address them on a variety of topics.

National Youth Science Forum

A 12 day program for students thinking of a career in science.
The program is conducted in either Canberra or Perth.
One of the side achievements is the network of friends and colleagues through out Australia.
Some of the participants have the opportunity to experience similar events in other countries.

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Thank you for providing information on Rotary .

Jodie Darley